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Under the overall theme of reconciliation between Japan and other countries during and after the Asia-Pacific War of 1932-45, we have thus far published three titles. Please click through to know more about these wonderful books and their authors, or order directly from this page.

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Our third title, Crosses and Tigers and The Double-Edged Dagger: The Cowra Incident of 1944, by Nagase Takashi and Edited by Gill Goddard, was published in December 2010.

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Our second title, My Father's Dying Wish: Legacies of War Guilt in a Japanese Family, by Ayako Kurahashi and translated into English by Philip Seaton is available directly here.

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Our first title, Field of Spears; The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew, by Gregory Hadley, is also available at a specially discounted price of GBP12.95 if ordered directly through this website.

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