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Field of Spears

The Last Mission of the Jordan Crew

By Gregory Hadley

With a Foreword by Philip Seaton

What happens to ordinary people in times of war?

Gregory Hadley explores this question as he documents the true story of a B-29 crew that was shot down over a rural Japanese village on July 20, 1945. Presented in narrative form, Hadley weaves a gripping tale drawn from recently declassified historical documents, never before seen photographs, and interviews with both Japanese eyewitnesses and survivors of the B-29 crew. Field of Spears is not simply the story of an incident that took place over half a century ago. It is a chilling reminder of what awaits today’s soldiers when they fall into the waiting arms of terrified and angry civilians.

What people are saying about 'Field of Spears'

'A fascinating insight into the processes of trying to piece together the past.'
Philip Seaton in the electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies.

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'Sincere, sensitive, timely, academically rigorous and infinitely readable.'
Nick Henck in

'Ordinary mortals experiencing epoch-making history.'
James Oglethorpe in

More Praise for Field of Spears

An excellent job of research. For those familiar with B-29 crews it is meaningful reading…the crew interaction described in the book was similar throughout the 2000 plus aircrews of the 20th Air Force. It will be good reading for remaining crew members and their families. Gregory Hadley deserves our thanks for a job well done.

Harry H. George,
Aircraft Commander of Anne Garry V during the last mission of WW II and Veteran of 29 missions over Japan as Co-Pilot with the 6th Bomb Group.

This is a fine piece of historical research—and of writing. The day it arrived, I printed it and started reading—and I didn’t put it down until 2:00 in the morning after I had read the entire manuscript. This is a compelling story, thoroughly researched, and well written.

Dr. Thomas Saylor,
Department of History, Concordia University,
and author of Remembering the Good War
(Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2005).

Field of Spears is a valuable contribution towards deeper understanding of the ways that war memories continue to affect the lives of individuals, decades after the end of the conflict, and the problems that the historian faces in uncovering a truly definitive account of the past.

Dr. Philip Seaton,
Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
and author of Japan's Contested War Memories
(Routledge, 2007).

Gregory Hadley is Professor of English and American Cultural Studies at Niigata University of International and Information Studies, Japan.

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